bcdxt manual pdf probably later version is at pub/Uni age_pdf BCDXT < UnidenMan4 < TWiki. This guide is a full featured, 26 page spiral-bound instructional Mini-manual, covering all aspects of this very capable scanner. Mini-manual size is x8 inches. DImage_/Manual/ (1 of .. This page applies to the following scanner(s): BCDXT BCT15X BCDXT BCXT.

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BCDxt User Manual – The Forums

GQKs range from 0 to 9. Check the Wiki to find all the information necessary to upgrade your firmware. To change the center frequency press. It is also recommended that you download and install the latest firmware upgrade for the scanners if you don’t have it. The master scanner checks to make sure the slave is properly connected and ready uniden bcd996xt manual receive, then begins the data transfer. Multi-Site Trunking – lets you program the scanner to share trunked system IDs across multiple sites without duplicating Uniden bcd996xt manual, and turn each site on and off independently so that you can select the best site to scan for your area.

Plug the DB9 end into the rear port of one scanner and the other end into the front port of the other scanner. The priority order is as follows: Close Call Auto Store The display has indicators that show the scanner’s current operating status. Press to enter an ‘i’ when entering an ‘I-Call’ ID while uniden bcd996xt manual. However, there are some transmissions that you should never intentionally listen to.


Conventional Display Uniden bcd996xt manual 1 Function Mode. The default setting is unlocked. Some Motorola and EDACS systems covering a very large geographic area use multiple antenna sites that each operate on different frequencies uniden bcd996xt manual use the same talkgroup IDs for traffic.

Page Search Keys let you quickly start one of 3 programmed searches.

Uniden BCD996XT Owner’s Manual

Set Status Bit Motorola only sets how your scanner works with status bits also called S-bitsletting you uniden bcd996xt manual how the scanner interprets and displays Motorola talk group IDs. After storing the ID, you will be at unieen ‘ Edit Channel ‘ menu to complete the settings for the new channel.

A larger value allows a wider variation in volume. No first then press the two number keys.


In that case, while in Scan mode, press and hold Func to lock function mode. Set Quick Key sets the quick key for the group.

Keypad and Knob Controls. People have had better decoding with this value turned up. However, if you want to Scan the system, you’ll need to program the required elements in following uniden bcd996xt manual click Press ‘ Menu ‘ to return.

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You can also do this by pressing and holding SQ in scan mode. If the ‘Close Call’ system has no frequencies, the scanner uniden bcd996xt manual not scan the system. This page applies to the following scanners: Use the worksheets below to help you plan your systems and groups.

You may need a gender changer and a uniden bcd996xt manual modem adapter to use a typical DB9 serial cable from the rear port. A negative delay will force a resume after that number of seconds. The display has indicators that show the scanner’s current operating status. Always turn uniden bcd996xt manual scanner unidej before disconnecting external power. Instead of being organized into separate banks and channels, the scanner’s memory is contained in a pool.

Uniden BCD996XT User Manual

Scroll to ‘ Disp. You still have to be quick to get ‘ Lockout ‘. Also, remember that conventional frequencies and IDs are considered channels. You jniden also lock out this home repeater ID uniden bcd996xt manual you will not receive it.