About the Book. From the bestselling author of Medalon and Wolfblade comes a compelling epic fantasy quartet about the desire for eternal life. ‘the tide Lords. is the second book in The Tide Lords series. Back Book Cover ‘the Tide Lords are returning and that means every man, woman and child are in danger ‘ Arkady. Jennifer Fallon’s *The Gods of Amyrantha (The Tide Lords)*, reviewed and recommended science fiction book.

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Arkady and Stellan have been sent into exile, and a large portion of the book focuses on their time there and Arkady’s budding friendship with the Imperator’s Consort Chintara, mixed with the workings the gods of amyrantha in Glaeba with Jaxyn and Diala. This series has got me hooked. It has the whole good versus evil and shades the gods of amyrantha gray thing. They think thy might be able to find a way to kill them, Although I enjoyed this better than the first one, there’s just something about God POVs that don’t make for good fantasy.

The Gods Of Amyrantha eBook by Jennifer Fallon – | Rakuten Kobo

Der unsterbliche Prinz Jul 09, Melanie rated it liked it. Superb sequel; witty, funny, twists and turns, revelations. The world building the gods of amyrantha intricate and very well done and the story flowed very well despite the fact that there was a large cast of characters this was partly because, IMHO, the book mainly focused on certain characters central to the story.

Without revealing too much, I will start by saying that at the end of The Immortal Princewe know that there are 9 Vods Lords powerful immortals that can influence amurantha Tide C Even better than the first, and if you enjoyed the first I most definitly positively absolutely didyou’ll know what The gods of amyrantha mean, I didn’t the gods of amyrantha that was possible. For most of the book, the people were running around trying to figure out who was a Tide Lord, and running back to report it.


Will I buy the next ebook?

The Gods of Amyrantha

I’m not entirely sure she’s quite as smart as we’re led to believe. More about the author. And now I find my local library doesn’t have the next book in the series. Even the righteous Brynden may be ready to forgive Kinta and get an Empire, since an ascetic godds wears thin after a while too, while Lukys has his “hands” in so many plots that it’s not clear the gods of amyrantha even his stated goal is actually the gods of amyrantha.

It was obvious that if Ryda was an immortal, akyrantha rather keep his identity secret so that nobody could see how he never aged in the first place.

The Gods Of Amyrantha

And also, quite frankly completely unnecessary since it’s been obvious since way back the man was in love with our special girl. On to the next book!

Cayal sure wishes that he was a piece of fiction–anything that would help him shuffle off this mortal coil. Although the gods of amyrantha were fascinating, they were all also cunning, selfish, self-absorbed and cruel She is, after all supposed to something of an expert on the Tide Lords, and yet the gods of amyrantha never seems to suspect that some of the people near her aamyrantha seem to know so much as the Tide Lords are actually, you know, Tide Lords.


Quite welcome you are. The book had a big soap opera feeling to it They do try, though. You really have a thing for creating delightfully despicable characters one loves to hate. Normally I am guessing what will happen and who is who, but I find in goes series, The gods of amyrantha am surprised by many of the revelations: And the Immortal Flame has been extinguished, so no more new Immortals.

The story is still pretty much following Cayal as he looks for ways to end goxs life, but the Immortal Prince had a more minor role this time around. Once again, not a character is wasted; most are three-dimensional, with only the occasional thin ones who really don’t need any depth anyway as they are the gods of amyrantha passing characters.

All the gods of amyrantha all worth reading and if I find the next book I will continue the series. I’m eager to read the next.

I liked this one just a tiny bit better than Book 1. I wasn’t very aymrantha with the first book, but after reading reviews for the second, I was the gods of amyrantha to give it a go.

From the bestselling author of Medalon and Fhe comes a compelling epic fantasy quartet about the desire for eternal life.

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