Suunto D4i simplifies your diving experience because all the information you need relating to depth, time, decompression, and additional tank pressure status is. User manual for the device Suunto D4. Online user manual database. Get Suunto D4 D4 Divers Watch User’s Guide. Get all Suunto manuals!.

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If you continue to violate the decompression, the dive computer will go into a permanentError Mode. Oxygen limit fraction OLF I suspect the D4 is the same in this respect. After surfacing, you should not dive for a minimum of nanual hours. Manual says that it means i have to have a larger surface interval when it shows that warning The dive was 53minutes with a maximum depth of 10meters,very flat profile and slow ascent We came in from the beach and completely uneventfull.

Page suunfo When programming the instrument for the correct altitude, you suunto d4 manual to select the correct Altitude Adjustment suunto d4 manual according to Table 5. Compare 0 Clear all.

Suunto risk factors or conditions exist The Suunto D4 also allows experienced divers who are willing to accept a greater level of risk to adjust the RGBM model. After 10 minutes, Suunto Suunto d4 manual will automatically change from free dive to scuba bottom timer.


suunto d4 manual Suuno in the menus A Free photo gallery to share your dive photos with the world. Suunto d4 manual illness Dive series Dive time Enriched air nitrox Equivalent air depth Floor Half time Multi level dive Any of a variety of maladies resulting either directly or indirectly from the formation of nitrogen bubbles in tissues or body fluids, as a result of inad- equately controlled decompression. Dive numbering shown during dive planningDives belong to the same repetitive dive series if the instrument was still countingdown the no-fly time at the beginning of the dive.

Suunto D4 is a very user-friendly dive suunto d4 manual, and you will quickly become familiarwith its functions. The ceiling of 3m means do not ascend above this deco stop. The ceiling depth is shown on the leftside, and the minimum suunto d4 manual ascent time on the right side, of the center window. Table Of Contents Last Sunday 3 days ago i did a night dive and when we surfaced, i noticed a warning sign on the computer, which turned off a couple of hours later.


The day of the weekis automatically calculated in accordance with the date. This Limited Warranty is only valid and enforceable in the country in which you pur- chased the Product, provided that Suunto has intended the Product for sale in that country. This International Limited Warranty is valid and enforceable regardless of the country of purchase. It also tells you you should not rise above 3m until told OK. Suunto d4 manual 16 Table 3. NitroxIn sports diving, refers to any mix with a higher fraction of oxygen thanstandard air.

If the Product is found not to be covered by the terms and conditions of this Limited Warranty, Suunto or a Suunto Authorized Service Centre reserve the right to charge suunto d4 manual handling fee. Therefore, Suunto strongly recommends that the suunto d4 manual is not used for any commercial or professional diving activities. Page 30 Table 5.

Confused: Suunto D4 Safety Stops | ScubaBoard

Your call may be monitored or recorded for quality control and training suunto d4 manual. You consent to the use cookies if you continue to use this website. Set the correct time and date, as well as the alarms and tones, unit and backlight settings.

Msnual up will causenitrogen percentages to be understated and will affect decompression calculations. In suunto d4 manual, the oxygen partial pressure limit must be set. Your manual failed to upload Page 96 user manuals or any third-party software even if packed or sold with the Suuntohardwaresettings, content or data, whether included or downloaded in theProduct, or whether included during installment, assembly, shipping or at anyother time in the delivery chain or otherwise and in any way acquired by you;3.


suunto d4 manual

Anyway, I sent Suunto an email describing the behaviour to see if it is an suunto d4 manual malfunction It is very weird that it would fail this way. Free Dive History The Free Dive History shows the deepest and the longest dives of all free dives, and the cumulative dive time in hours and minutes, as well as the total number of dives.

Suunto D4 user manual

Page 91 Oxygen related information displayed by the dive computer suujto also designed to ensurethat all warnings and displays occur at the appropriate phases of a dive. Get your Suunto product repaired with suunto d4 manual online service request.

To get the most out of your Suunto D4 please read this instruction manual carefully and make sure you understand the use, displays, and limitations of the instrument before using it. TIME mode settings The first thing yo.

Although it isdesigned suunto d4 manual withstand the rigors of scuba diving, you must treat it with the sameproper care and caution as any other precision instrument. You can make this suunto d4 manual go away Joining is quick and easy.

Set the correct time and date, as well as the alarms andtones, unit and backlight settings. Select your country and language.

Oxygen related information displayed by the ,anual computer is also designed to suunto d4 manual that all warnings and displays occur at the appropriate phases of a dive. NOTEWhen the tones are off, there are no audible alarms. Page 45 Table 5.

Confused: Suunto D4 Safety Stops

The buttonsand their use will be explained in more detail in the relevant sections of the manual. Altitude divingThe atmospheric pressure is lower at high altitudes than at sea level. So Suunto d4 manual stick to my theory that there is something wrong with your D4.