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Nowadays, pasta is the most important food in Italy. The drum music of Western Africa played an important role in communicating over long distances. Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again.

To gather this information, special types of instruments are used. Meteorologists are scientists who study the weather and make weather predictions. In the text, the words canned goods mean: Weather information is generally accurate. Suddenly it split open and people saw the first beautiful sunrise. Folk music was very important in Africa and India. The underlined sentence you should think twice before biting into that piece of toast suggests that.

The truth is, however, that millions of people suffer serious injuries, and even death, in their own homes.

Send this link to let others join your presentation: Send link to edit together this prezi using Prezi Meeting learn more: No longer able to see, the old person needs his or her children to perform many every day jobs. According to the text. A, B o C En esta simjlacro se encuentra un texto seguido por cinco preguntas, en las cuales debe marcar la respuesta correcta entre cuatro opciones: A guide to America’s national parks.



Based on the text, the author uses the underlined word demeaning to communicate that animals. According to the reading, this is. A firewall is blocking access to Prezi content. Failing to take their advice could, in some cases, be a matter of life or death. The birds raised the sky again. Icces the text, the underlined word it refers to: They then gave it to several mothers to hold.

Stop All- Fur Wearing Everywhere is an American organization whose intent is to make people conscious of the cruelty of wearing fur. The underlined word merged means the same as: We urge you to hand over your fur clothes before August 28 and to join us for the ceremony that day. Perhaps you, too, have left a familiar place to come to a new city or a new country. As a result, more and more middle aged adults are becoming caretakers of their aging parents.

The underlined words middle aged can be replaced by. The underlined sentence America’s parks really took off in the ‘s, when the country was booming with public works projects means that. America’s parks began to emerge in the ‘s due to the decrease of public works projects.

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Let yourself be motivated by amusement buildings. Ours will be at the Nordstrom Farm at 11 AM. A proper title for this reading would be: Marco Polo, the Chinese know how to sell pasta. Comments 0 Simulacrro log in to add your comment. Christmas traditions and Santa Claus stories. He often gave presents to children and poor people in secret. According to the simmulacro types of reactions that the mothers showed, we can state that.

Music has evolved differently in different cultures.

SIMULACRO ICFES by valentina rojas on Prezi

Drummers used tone and rhythm to send messages from village to village. Weather information is rarely precise. Meteorologists read very successfully. Across the country, hundreds of towns and cities, and even entire states, are passing strict laws to control the sale and use of cigarettes.

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Rock and roll merged the music and the performer and aimed itself at a young audience teenagers. The underlined expression due to can be replaced by. The story of Santa Claus began with a kind bishop named Saint Nicholas.