Rappan Athuk. A huge dungeon with a publication history to match. It began ca. like almost every other dungeon did – a home-brew. by Frog God Games Rappan Athuk, the famous Dungeon of Graves, is bringing death and destruction to Fifth Edition. Over famous pages in full color!. Rappan Athuk, the famous Dungeon of Graves, is bringing death and destruction to Fifth Edition. Over famous pages in full color!.

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Support Select this reward. More articles you may enjoy: The way the levels are interconnected in the adventure is second to none. The guy is not described as attacking on sight.

Of those that survived to reach the mausoleum and the sunken graveyard, rumors tell sthuk most were slain by guardians of green stone before they even entered the dungeon or perished on the athuo first level. With decades of playtesting and use in campaigns across the globe, the Dungeon of Graves can be a foundation of any campaign or eviscerated into pieces and blended into any campaign!

The new area 2A will be hated by players — now, Rappan Athuk also has its teleporter-maze level. We hope that you find this module as fun and exciting as those thousands of players who have ventured into and not as often out of the endless caverns and mazes of Rappan Athuk—The Dungeon of Graves.

None of that, though, is athhk deal breaker. Not just back though, it is reloaded with all kinds of new extras including:.


All Frog God Games hardcovers are stitched into 16 page packets, the packets are sewn together, and then all the packets are sewn ralpan a cloth backing, creating a book block that is glued to its cover. He is happy to welcome you to his legendary lair! Re-reloaded level supporters also get the option to vote on the available Tapestry options in Backerkit.


Orcus invites you back! Many, if not most, of the rooms with encounters feel more like set pieces than Just Another Encounter. Athui the plus-side, the PCs can actually find a surface one-way teleport out of the dungeon. It is wonderful to see and appears to flow much more organically than the interconnects in Stonehell. This extends to the wilderness area above. The book does have an introduction and it does have an overview and each level has a little section that it essentially an overview of that level, noting special effects, rules, and a little background on the level.

April 10, at 7: Some serious editing could have been used to pare things ahuk. Estimated delivery Sep The Slave Dens contain all those unfortunate enough to have been caught by the servants of Orcus or the goblins and it is from here, if anywhere, that the PCs will need to stage their escape attempt should they get caught alive by anyone. Interior mockup with actual pages from Rappan Athuk for Fifth Edition. A PDF file of your selection is included! Includes over 80 locations Includes: Mockup only, color and cover style will change.

When the PCs, covered in their own blood and naked, pop up in this dimension, they are in for an eappan blasphemy for fun and giggles, continuing blasts of evil energy and can kiss regaining clerical magic goodbye. The Kickstarter PDF files are ‘purchased’ at zero cost by backers as they are paid for after the Kickstarter at the Frog God Games web store using a coupon code.


HOWEVER, if you choose not to embrace the Demonlord Orcus as your landlord, you may use any of these maps in your home campaign with only minor modifications or none! It offers legions of inventive traps, tricks, strange features, and monsters—many of them never before seen.

Rappan Athuk

Get a softcover copy of the new levels of Rappan Athuk not in the hardcover release for either Swords and Wizardry or Pathfinder! Rapapn a small selection of the map JPEGs. That is a great room on many levels. Finally, most levels are smaller than I think many folks first imagine.

Not shippable to residential addresses. Bought digital maps in the past that you wish were easy to modify? Now, though, only a bleak disease-ridden rapan populated by vermin and worse remains.

Second, if a Frog God hardcover book ever falls apart we have tested this with baseball bats and very rough use, by the waywe will replace it at no cost assuming we still have one in stock.

Bofred and his companions found great hordes of evil creatures in the complex. And the bonus-content keeps on coming: Each piece represents art used in sthuk physical book. Learn more about accountability. It is during Backerkit checkout that your shipping cost is calculated and charged. Includes over 80 locations.

And perhaps a slightly longer dungeon overview that notes the various factions in the dungeon and how the various tappan fit together. Because you know Frogs and books