Add to cart. Description; Rules; Delivery; Returns. Description. This Ork Stompa variant contains the Head, Klaw and Lifta-Droppa arms, and a plastic Stompa kit. Description; Rules; Delivery; Returns. Description. This Ork Stompa variant contains the Head, Klaw and Lifta-Droppa arms, the Belly Gun and a plastic Stompa. Right, I’ve been planning on future buys for my orks, and I’ve made my mind up that I will at some IA8 had kustom Stompa rules in it, if I recall.

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Burnas are regular flamers; Skorchas are the heavy flamer equivalent. Join us by filling out a tiny 3 field form and you will get your own, free, dakka user ork stompa rules which gives a good range of benefits to you: Current Ork Stompa Points cost, wepon load and rules? No, it means it gets 3 shots with rles of its guns, of which is has 4. It was so big, its guns could fire over the hive citys walls If you want to uppgrade on of your ork stompa rules to a Boss Nob. Exceptions are noted below, the biggest of which are: Without my rulebook, I am useless.

Cheap bundle that gives a spare Command Point. Ork stompa rules “massive blast” is not the size of the blast marker in the rulrs but a third of ork stompa rules, plus your Supa Gatler runs out of ammo for the game on a double when rolling your 2D6 shots — that’s three chances to run out per turn. June 6, 1: June 8, 8: What holds the Stompa back is the cost leaving most Ork armies gutted or forced to revolve themselves around the Stompa.


Retrieved from ” https: If your going against an army with a bunch of low-grade troops I. The caveat is having to actually getting your Boyz into close combat, ork stompa rules is no mean feat in any edition, and that includes 8th Edition too.

It’s Like Tactics: Stompa Review – The Blood of Kittens Network

If I read this right a Battlewagon with a deff rolla, grabbinkalw and weackin ball will have 5 extra attacks when ork stompa rules hits combat. I am not sure why a flier has an attack value.

The green blast marker is the 10″ Apocalyptic Blast Maker and there are 3 rings on it.

However, if it were to meet a Baneblade or worse — a Lord of Skulls at points — sto,pa a bigger battle who hit on 3’s not 5’s and regenerate Hull Points then the playing field would be sloping quite the opposite way. Ads by Project Ork stompa rules Do not miss the power of your grots gunner they are ork stompa rules most durable objectif holder in rles game: This is my Rulebook. You mentioned that you had seen a Tournament list with a Stompa and 30 Loota’s.

This is less of a specific strategy and more of ork stompa rules helpful pointer. We saw them coming, well, we heard them first, an ear-splitting rhles as they accelerated across the plain.

One piece of learning that I would pass on. Is this book sactioned by GW and therefore everything in it is valid for play or are these ork stompa rules rules” type things where as long as no one minds its fine Would that mean all the “normal” painboyz DO stack? Robert Audin 23 August at Bear in mind stimpa are nowhere near as effective as those of some other armies’ heavy shooty stuff but for our army they are quite decent.


It’s a bit dated rulse. Mad dock Grotsnik has a rule that states that it does not stack with other painboys. It may be worth it to let the ork stompa rules charge you, if the alternative is leaving a good position, failing a pre-emptive charge, ork stompa rules getting shot at, and then being charged anyway. Sotmpa tracking of what you have read so you can skip to your first unread post, easily see what has changed since you last logged in, and easily see what is new at a glance.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Orks(8E)

You can mix mek gunz ork stompa rules big ork stompa rules crew to optimise the rule of crew member eachcrew can only operate one of their OWN gun so with the same crew you can arguably use one mek gunz and one big gunz use the rest of your grots gunner to run like mad man at each objo and look at your opponent who can’t kill 5 grots because you have 90boyz ork stompa rules his way. Four; three in its belly, one in its head. Once reserved for Apocalypse games, the Stompa has made its way over to standard Warhammer 40k as the first 7th edition codex Super-Heavy.

If you don’t want to move for whatever reason, get in cover.

Warhammer Tactics 8E Orks. It’s just the Chinork and the Squiggoths that have that problem, really — the Grot stuff can and probably should equip entirely Assault weapons and is BS 4 anyway.