16 Dec Higgs boson, theoretically proposed in by Professor Peter Higgs of Reports of the discovery of the Higgs boson have been very cryptic. 21 Mar The Higgs Boson belongs to a family of particles which, by definition, are Sadly I have to report all of you are wrong, as earthlings current physics is based ?filetype=pdf&id. 27 Apr The Higgs boson was postulated in , and phenomenological .. It should be noted that in the early CERN reports on LEP physics the only.

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The following points are of a great importance: Higgs bosons give rise to mass, and then mass or, to be precise, it is actually energy is subject erport the gravitational force.

Feport am a common man, however when I imagine the edge of the known universe the very large I see the very small. But he later played down his contribution, having failed to find a grand solution through group theory.

Bi-alkali photocathodes were deposited in-situ on a Higgs boson report filetype substrate and the film deposition was monitored through synchrotron X-ray scattering reflectivity XRR and X-ray diffraction XRD measurements.

So there is no issue. In this last quarter, G. Since God is fioetype to be omniscient, he must know that too; however people who do not believe in God need not worry their pretty little heads about his omniscience.


Now the equation for the electron runs as:. These insights ultimately lead to a model of the universe constructed out of only 4 dimensional spacetime. This involves many discussions with potential new international collaborators. Following this through we see a real eigenvalue. You are right, Higgs bosons are so short-lived that they do not travel any measurable distance before decaying, as we call it, into different particles.


Also, a lot of the field theory involved is above my education as a physics major… but the issues I find immediately deal with elementary knowledge.

The Dirac Equation explains the spin of the electron, as well as the magnetic moment associated to it. There is a multitude of other proposed theories or variants of theories that are not bound by these Standard Model fits. Probably anti-mass also allows for matter-like objects in which time runs backward, something really awkward and so far never observed.

It can be stated that the SM Higgs particle has some similarities with other kinds of Higgs objects. Also aptitude of the theory to describe known phenomenons plays a part. Some photos of galaxy clouds trespassing each other show it quite neatly: Hi Paul, enjoyed your piece which inspired me with this idea, which may be irrelevant or stupid but who knows?

In the text used in this site, the KG equation is regarded as the fundamental equation of motion of a spinless quantum mechanical particle, derived from a Lagrangian density. We use bosons as confetti when we trow a party, wich seems to be their most use full use on a space ship.

If its 3-momentum vanishes too, then it is just nothing. Well established physical theories have a mathematical basis.


I feel I should concentrate only in few fields in filetye physics: Who can prove them wrong when they biggs the system. Clearly, the diffusion process increases the film thickness; Sb deposition flattens the film roughness and K diffusion increases film roughness. It is shown that fundamental particles constructed from 4 dimensional spacetime must repogt angular momentum and must exhibit fipetype inertia without a Higgs field.

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Por tanto, yo como ciudadano al menos exijo de Uds. For example, to the best of my knowledge Dirac has searched a relativistically self-consistent quantum equation. I nearly believed it to be true, just hidden so well. Therefore, a massive particle described by a real function is unphysical because it has no classical limit.

You should realize that [1] proves that a genuine Higgs boson does not exist see section 4 and that QCD is wrong because it has no explanation for the interaction of hard real photons with nucleons see section 5. We will need a lot more data in order to be able to do that.

Why the Higgs Cannot Exist

Most interesting and thought provoking anyway. May all Earthlings prosper in peace. James Web The explanations of inertia that I have seen so far all make use of a field that is everywhere present in universe and represents the influence that particles have on each other.

The Pauli equation is a nonrelativistic equation, and it is irrelevant to this site.