The management of 51 comminuted fractures of the shaft of the femur, treated in Africa with limited facilities, is described. The majority were immobilised on. Introduction: Les fractures diaphysaires du fémur (FDF) de l’enfant sont fréquentes. Pour les enfants de 0 à 6 ans, le traitement est souvent orthopédique, avec. Ce travail a pour objectif d’évaluer les résultats de l’embrochage centromédullaire élastique stable (ECMES) dans les fractures diaphysaires du fémur chez.

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What is the most likely complication he has sustained? Children, elastic stable intramedullary nailing, femoral shaft, fractures.

Journal de la Recherche Scientifique de l’Université de Lomé

The usage is not homologous with that of vertebrate anatomy; the term “femur” simply has been adopted by analogy and refers, where applicable, to the most proximal of usually the two longest jointed segments of the legs of the arthropoda. This disappeared after removal of the nails Click rfacture to view. J Bone Joint Surg ; Left femur seen from behind.

In myriapodology another segment, the prefemur, connects the trochanter and femur. Evaluation of the management of femoral shaft fractures in children by flexible intramedullary nailing. Niger J Med ; Azanmasso aF. Which of the following is a contraindication to elastic intramedullary nail fixation of her femur fracture?

At its upper part is the adductor tubercle and behind it is a rough impression which gives origin to the medial head of the gastrocnemius.

He has a splenic laceration that fracgure require an emergent exploratory laparotomy and he has a left hemothorax requiring a chest tube.

Text book of fractures in adults, Rockwood and Green’s, 6 th ed, Vol. Mean age was 37 months range months. Indications, technical particularities and results were studied. How to cite this URL: Subjects of two groups were comparable on socio-demographics levels, radio-clinics and therapeutics characteristics of fractures.


J Orthop Trauma ; Anatomical terms of bone [ edit on Frcature ]. Distal part of intertrochanteric line and medial ridge of linea aspera.

By the sixth week of development, the first doaphysaire cartilage model of the femur is formed by chondrocytes. The collum forms an angle with the shaft in about degrees. Its front part is named the patellar surface and articulates with the patella ; it presents a median groove which extends downward to the intercondyloid fossa and two convexities, the lateral of which is broader, more prominent, and extends farther upward than the medial.

Buess E, Kaelin A. Muscle attachments seen from the front.

Retrieved from ” https: Its length on average is Closed interlocking nailing, diaphyseal fractures of femur, modified Klaus and Klemm criteria. Spica Casting for Femur Fractures. demur

Closed flexible medullary nailing in pediatric traumatology. Radiographs AP and lateral of the femur allow for complete evaluation of the fracture location, configuration, and amount of displacement ipsilateral AP and lateral of knee and hip to rule out associated injuries.

The two basal segments preceding the femur are the coxa and trochanter. They were distributed into two groups A and B as they have done physiotherapy sessions or not. The angle of convergence of the femora is a major factor in determining the femoral-tibial angle.

Femoral Shaft Fractures – Pediatric – Pediatrics – Orthobullets

There were 32 patients, 17 were boys and 15 were girls, with a mean age of 11 years ffracture. Treatment Table by Age. Lower extremity of femur. Hip immobilization was set in flexion and minimal abduction, knee in flexion. The femur is categorised as a long bone and comprises a diaphysis shaft or body and two epiphyses extremities that articulate with adjacent bones in the hip and knee.

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Femoral Shaft Fractures – Pediatric

Surgical treatment of femoral diaphyseal fractures in children using elastic stable intramedullary nailing by open reduction at Yopougon Teaching Hospital. How to cite this URL: J Am Acad Orthop Surg ; To conclude, stable elastic centro medullary insertion is a technique particularly adapted to the surgical treatment of diaphyseal fractures of the femur of the school-aged femhr.

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Anteriorly, the condyles are slightly prominent and are separated by a smooth shallow articular depression called the patellar surface. Gerdy’s tubercle condyles lateral medial intercondylar area posterior anterior intercondylar eminence lateral tubercle medial tubercle. Closed intramedullary nailing of femoral fractures. You can move this window by clicking on the headline. The upper or proximal extremity close to the torso contains the headneckthe two trochanters and adjacent structures.

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