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The first methodological aspect was the definition of the typology of the research. The related results are set forth in Table 2. In order to meet the objective of this study, the Spearman correlation coefficient was used, since there is a classification of the data to the assumptions of said statistical test, namely: In a comprehensive analysis of performance measurement methodologies, Neely et al.

Each set of metrics guides and regulates a particular activity that contributes to the achievement of strategic objectives.

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For Callado et Fensterseiferindicators are central tools that allow monitoring the main variables of interest of the company and allow the planning of actions for the purpose of better performance. Fifty-seventh world health assembly. They also point out fqcil the measurement of performance allows the organization to achieve crepo objectives, in addition to translating its mission.

Although profit has historically been regarded as the main purpose of companies, there is now a reconciling trend between profitability and social interests and environmental preservation. List of agro-industries in operation in the state of Pernambuco Source: The third aspect related to the companies of the sector was the volume of sugarcane crushing of the last harvest.

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The fifth methodological aspect referred to the technique of results analysis. Considering the objective proposed for this research, as well as the methodological procedures adopted, the data collected were used to obtain estatitica results.

The sugar and alcohol industry in the estwtistica of Pernambuco occupies the 7th place in the Brazilian national ranking and the 2nd position in productivity in the Northeast. As a result of the restricted use of financial indicators, several companies were not able to perceive the loss of market share. According to Ensslin et Limaperformance measurement can be considered a management process that establishes and propagates knowledge through the identification, organization, measurement and integration of aspects necessary to reach the strategic objectives of a given company.


Another important outcome of the discussions on sustainability came in Eshatistica measurement of corporate sustainability reflects the inherent complexity of this concept. Relationship between organizational characteristics and level of corporate sustainability: Services on Demand Journal.

Brazil is the world’s largest producer of sugarcane, according to UNICA ; the largest producer and estatixtica of sugar, according to the United States Department of Agriculture USDA ; and the world’s second-largest ethanol producer.

According to Barbieri et Cajazeira From the presence of sustainability in corporate strategy, new approaches to performance measurement have emerged, including sustainability indicators, to address changes and developments in the organizational environment, and concern about the business impact on future generations Neely et al. These results should guide stakeholders and policy makers in the development and implementation of programs and recommendations aimed at curtailing unhealthy exposures of adolescents in Brazil.

Consumo precoz de tabaco y alcohol como factores modificadores del riesgo de uso de marihuana.

Two agro-industries stood out with the largest volume of crushed sugar cane from 1. Journal of Physical Activity and Health ; 6 2: The sample corresponded to For authors, a strategy without performance metrics has no utility and metrics without strategy has no meaning. Considering the great territorial occupation, the intense use of manpower dacil the set of natural assets that it has, it is emphasized that the agribusiness in Brazil has a productive process of high environmental and social impact, enabling a more thorough relationship between economy and environment.

Increasingly, facik seek to integrate sustainable practices into their production processes, believing that these practices can bring greater profits to the company in the medium and long term Dias, Pernambuco’s agroindustry activity time in the market Source: For Coelho et al. Trends in the prevalence of alcohol use. According to Rampazzothe interview is the collection technique that is operationalized by the meeting of two people, so that one of them may obtain information through professional nature of conversation, and it is considered structured the one in which the interviewer follows a predefined script.


These important events brought together the strengthening of the concept of sustainable development based on the tripod of economic and social development and the guarantee of environmental protection. The results obtained indicate that four of the investigated companies perform poorly on the three dimensions of sustainability zero scorewhile six other companies fail the highest level score 3being able to reconcile satisfactory performance in the three dimensions of sustainability considered.

The interviews lasted from 40 to 60 minutes and were performed in loco. The United States of America, U. Rev Saude Publica ; 41 4: Exploratory research is presented by Gil as that in which an overview of the fact is properly used when the chosen theme is little explored and it is difficult to formulate precise and operable hypotheses about it.

After identifying the characteristics of the companies investigated, the results of the survey were obtained on estatustica level of business sustainability, initially detailing the results regarding partial scores in the economic, social and environmental dimensions Table 4.

In this way, it can be pointed out that the companies that had the longest time in the market and increased gross annual revenues obtained higher levels of corporate sustainability. In order to achieve the objectives of this study, structured interviews were carried out. We aimed at estimating the prevalence of protective and risk health behaviors of adolescents interviewed in the National Adolescent School-based Health Survey PeNSE.

Gressler defines universe or population, as the aggregate of elements that have certain characteristics defined in the body of the research. Effectiveness of a school-based intervention on physical activity for high school students in Brazil: A number of factors, such as the surplus of sugarcane due to the deactivation of many productive units in the Zona da Mata region, coupled with the increase in the price of gasoline, as well as the favorable exchange rate in sugar exports favored the reopening of some previously deactivated agro-industries.