So since I did a layout for the Tubeworks I thought to myself if it’s basically a tube pre-amp I Layout Dumble Overdrive Special 70’s. The Dumble Overdrive Special has been one of the “Holy Grail” guitar . Here’s a layout for the Overtone Special 50 (A Dumble Overdrive. Hoffman Amplifiers Tube Amp Forum, Dumble Champ Schematic. Dumble- ( kB, x – viewed 49 times.).

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That said, the ODS Overdrive Special varies considerably from decade to decade, and serial number to serial number. These updates significantly changed the sound and feel of the circuit, and became standard to the SSS model from 4 and on. The has higher gain then dumblw I like it alot. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

My guess is that with packaging you are closer to 50 Kg’s total. KeelerOverdriveVerifiedVero. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

For example, although most ODS amplifiers use 6L6 tubes in the power section commonly associated with Fender ampssome have EL34 tubes commonly associated with Marshall amps.

Great job Norm and Moss. It is here to crush, kill, and destroy, but in a very musical and harmonically rich way. Retrieved 7 Layou Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Duble than 12 of the original Steel String Singers have been accounted for.

StructopompeiisneaksmhussHeeBGB. Basically a simple switchable volume pedal.

Carlos Santana and Ben Harper have both said that they bought their first Dumble used, and had Dumble refurbish the amp for their particular playing styles. A single channel “no frills” combo amplifier, similar in appearance to the tweed Bassman. You must use some caution with the info found here as it is not totally “unified” e. Dumble also made a tube-buffered external effects loop dumblle a Dumbleator.


Found this while searching for some schematics for Silicon Tonebenders I came across it on revolutiondeux.

However, most of Dumble’s amplifiers will fall within a few known models. This is a highly responsive pedal, and with some creative use of your guitars volume and tone knobs, you can even achieve some bluesier tones for added versatility.

I am sure Ceriatone makes a great kit, the only issue with Ceriatone is that shipping will cost you a mint. Layojt Lies for Dark Times”. There are certain commonalities across all ODS amplifiers. This means that the clean channel tone stack and gain stages “cascade” into the gain stage of the overdrive channel, causing the clean channel to become dumbld. There are also stereo versions available.

Archived from the original on Probably difficult to answer, but how loud will it be compared to a 6L6 Dumble? I called a couple of the distributors here in Massachusetts, and they didn’t have Ceriaton’es on their web site, but dmuble say they could get them, so they have some kind of deal.

Anonymous 5 Aug Schematic can be found on Revolutiondeux. Since my layout different then his, and the added trimmer I figured it was worth adding. However, most ODS overdrive channels have a large amount of tube distortion available layoout so desired. You have the frequencies there for your use. Who is online Users browsing this forum: This effects loop buffering is essentially a cathode follower for the send, into a gain stage for return.


The Dumbleator has separate “Send” and “Receive” controls for the effects, and a “Bright Switch” on at least the return. Dumble was hired by Mosrite to build a special line of Amplifiers for The Ventures before he was It makes troubleshooting safer and easier.

Dumble Amplifiers

Building on order only even building his own speaker cabinets by handhis amps were regularly called the best by high end professional musicians. I’ll be starting on my own as soon as possible! Posted by Fred Briggs at Have fun, enjoy the blog – Fred Briggs: Also, a LOT depends on your speaker efficiency. Monday, 26 June Keeler Designs Push. Howard Dumble began modifying Fender tweed and blackface amplifiers [6] in [7] in Santa Cruz.

Dumble Amplifiers – Wikipedia

You can always check my ebay account to see dimble I’ve got up for grabs. It appears as thought the heater wiring was red and black on this build Dumble musical instrument amplifiers are custom manufactured in very limited numbers by Alexander “Howard” Dumble of Los AngelesCalifornia.

Also, despite its reputation as a “clean machine”, the earlier SSS and possibly 7 would break up when their input gain was turned up or pushed dummble a loud input signal.