14 Jul Difference between 1PL, 2PL, 3PL, 4PL & 5PL! The rise of 3PL in logistics and supply chain is now well evident but how far has 4PL. 5 Mar 3 PL or 3rd Party logistics are simply partner Companies that take care of the logistics services of the parent company. For e.g. If my e retailing company deals in. Third Party (3PL) and Fourth Party (4PL) Logistics: What’s the Difference? accountability of 4PLs is the major differentiating factor between 3PLs and 4PLs.

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The goal is to have the 4PL act as the single interface between all aspects of the supply chain and the client organization.

To meet regulatory requirements, devices must be tracked throughout every step of the process with a verifiable chain of custody. Steve Norall August 8, 41 Comments Logistics. Because MAI built the program for scalability, the increased demands were quickly taken in stride.

Now a new crop of companies lkgistics emerged who are actual transportation companies too. Now, this medical device company sees their supply chain as a competitive advantage rather than a cost center.

The key to the smooth, successful shipment of goods is choosing the right forwarder. A fourth-party logistics provider essentially takes third-party logistics a step further by managing resources, technology, infrastructure, and even manage external 3PLs to design, build and provide supply chain solutions for businesses.

An asset-based 3PL may focus too much on ensuring that its own assets are fully utilized at the expense of lower rates or better services from other providers. Medical device shippers rely on 3PLs for services that go well beyond dropping off boxes on the dock.

3PL vs 4PL: What are these PLs, Anyway? Layers of Logistics Explained

Our solution helped eliminate inventory write-off costs while improving service to the medical facilities. Their active and forward thinking saved time and money while fostering great relationships with our retail customers. You will save on transportation and logistics expenses while improving customer service. That means some activities will take place outside of your direct supervision.


Surgeons may order several sizes of a product because they don’t bewteen precisely which one they’ll need at the start of the procedure. What is a Fourth-Party Logistics Provider? Get the latest industry advice on logistics, transportation management, best practices, trends, tips and more! What is ERP inventory management?

What is inventory kitting?

However, it comes with restrictions in terms of allowable products and packaging requirements, and services are more limited than some other 3PLs. If a 3PL fails to deliver on a customer’s expectation, the customer will blame your company, not the 3PL. Ensuring quality control and customer service requires an extra level of diligence.

What is the difference between 3PL and 4PL? | ADLI Logistics

What 4PL is, is still heavily debated, and there are other definitions out there, but here is one of the more popular ones. Additional services may be performed such as crating, difference and packaging to add value to the supply chain. We handle all reverse logistics and restocking of unused items. That same local farm might hire a 2PL to transport their eggs from the farm to the grocery store.

Thus, 3PLs are a logistics support system while 4PLs are more involved in driving business performance. In some cases, the role of 3PL and broker overlap, but typically a broker is used to engage trucking capacity for a specific shipment. One client may not require warehousing, whereas another will, which diffsrence why 3PL companies are adept at providing different services to different clients. MAI has proven to be an excellent outsourced solution and a true business partner. For a retail apparel customer, we forward deployed inventory within a five-mile radius of stores to replenish popular items within one hour.

This capability requires complex technology solutions that can track inventory across multiple locations and carriers to ensure individual devices can be tracked and traced at a moment’s notice. Another issue is the degree of dependency a 3PL can create. The simplest way to think about it is that each successive type of logistics provider offers greater involvement in the supply chain than the last.

What is the difference between 3PL and 4PL and other logistics providers?

For one field service organization supporting retail and financial services technology, Warehouse Anywhere established a decentralized warehousing model, and developed a fulfillment system to provide parts in 30 minutes or less, meeting or exceeding service level agreements.


Forward-deployed inventory can serve both physical locations and e-commerce fulfillment. A third-party logistics provider provides outsourced logistics services to companies.

Consider what we’re doing at Warehouse Anywhere as an example. The 4PL company interacts with several logistics service btween to get the supply chain management job done for their clients.

3PL vs 4PL: What are these PLs, Anyway? Layers of Logistics Explained

So, loosely, we belong somewhere in between 3PL and 4PL. Many eCommerce businesses choose 3PLs because they provide a good combination of support, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. The 3PL can develop a database of the most often ordered items and ensure inventory is managed to meet ongoing demand. Talk about just-in-time delivery. A single view of inventory gives the retailer the power to allocate inventory and meet customer demand regardless of the status or location of the inventory.

In our farm-to-grocery store example, a 3PL may be responsible for packing the eggs in cartons in addition to moving the eggs from the farm to the grocery store. It can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the industry, you have bstween poor memory, or you haven’t seen or heard of a term before. The 3PL offers experience gained from working for multiple clients across many different industries.

The 4PL relationship simplifies and streamlines the logistics function using technology for greater visibility and imposing operational discipline across many partners and suppliers. A 4PL company does not stop at outsourcing logistics services but also outsources the management of said services.

A 4PL 4ol, on the other hand, arranges the same services and more for a client but does so by employing companies such as 3PL companies, who use their vast network of carriers and warehousing providers. By prioritizing the leads, salespeople could focus on the strongest opportunities which, in turn, helped close more sales.

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