20 Haz Yediiklim Çözümlü DGS Deneme Sınavı – indir. ADJECTIVES: Sıfatlar isimleri nitelerler. (Renk, boy,büyüklüğü, durumu, yaşı, vb.) KULLANIM. Son Eklenen DGS Testleri. DGS Deneme Sınavları DGS Türkçe Denemesi · DGS Deneme Sınavları DGS Sözel Denemesi 2. Türkiye’nin En Büyük Online Kitabevi. Yüzde 90 a varan indirimlerle ve sürpriz hediyeleriyle tüm KPSS, DGS, ALES, ÖABT, AÖF, YKS ve diğer sınavlara hazırlık .

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She is very beautiful indeed, like an angel, melek gibi] Work hard like your father. He obviously avoids being seen with his new girlfriend. I find some sports, such as car racing and climbing, really dangerous. Denemelerj these two selective courses, I want to take the course of History of Music better.

The air is cleaner there.


The longer you work, the more you earn. Such a difficult exam was it that few people were able to pass.

This boy is a little too shy. At the beginning or xgs the end of a sentence: The exam was so difficult that few people were able to pass. As it is seen in the picture: They hardly know about me. She was so efficient a secretary that the boss promoted her before long. Of all the applicants, she seems to be the most effective. He can lend us his car, perhaps. He is obviously innocent. Sleeping in it is like sleeping on the floor. Bu yatakta yatmak yerde yatmak gibi.


This is the largest bacterium ever identified, as large as the full stop at the end of this sentence. Naturally, everybody wants to live in better conditions.

She has so little experience that she cannot do this on her own. As in the picture: They have such severe problems that money itself cannot be enough. He had obviously taken the money. Modals and Similar Expressions. The professor little knew about his new assistant.

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I like to give such presents as books and records. It is a fairly interesting story. I also added your name to the list. He works as an accountant in a big firm. As you grow older, you do less mistakes.

Obviously, they will raise the prices again. Some countries, such deneemeleri Turkey, are still dependent on denemeldri economically. Of all declarations made so far, this has the most sensible reasons for increase in taxes. I like summer fruits, such as peaches, melons and watermelons. My best friend, his most successful student, their least appreciated offer. He is rather too thrilled. Friend — friendly She is very friendly. Only the director was against the idea.


The fruit smells like lemon. Baban gibi This bed is too tough. I rather object to elementary school students being given too much homework.


The questions in the practice exam were much too hard. Some countries, especially Germany and France, will not attend the summit. She is worried that she cannot answer all the questions in two hours.