Prodigiously influential, Jacques Derrida gave rise to a comprehensive rethinking Ghostly Demarcations: A Symposium on Jacques Derrida’s Specters of Marx. Source: Specters of Marx, the state of the debt, the Work of Mourning, & the New . Coup de theatre: the ordinary, sensuous thing is transfigured (verwandelt. Hauntology and History in Jacques Derrida’s Spectres of Marx between Marx’s ontology and Derrida’s hauntology. . 16 Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

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Last chapter is the most direct treatment of Marx. Precisely in order to analyse the metaphysical and the derrida spectres de marx that constructed the phenomenological good sense of the thing derrida spectres de marx, of the immediately visible commodity, in flesh and blood: One must constantly remember that this absolute evil which is, is it not, absolute life, fully present life, the one that does not know death and does not want to hear about it can take place.

What Derrida mourns, it quickly becomes clear, is not the death of Marxism-Leninism but the apparent eclipse of Marx as critical thinker in this calamity though where the distinction might lie is a more troubled matter. As a reading of Marx this is terrible.

Hauntology, spectres and phantoms | French Studies | Oxford Academic

On the contrary, it grants them their elementary condition. See all 21 reviews. It is not simply death, but the Dead One: Can one, in order to question it, address oneself to a ghost?

Marx cites right after this the Shakespeare play while making a rather tortuous use of the opposition between fortune chance or destiny and nature law, necessity, history, culture: So as to prepare us to see this spectrres, to see without seeing, thus to think the body without body of this invisible visibility — the ghost is already taking shape — Marx declares that the thing in question, namely, the commodity, is not so simple a warning that will elicit snickers from all the imbeciles, until the end of time, who never believe anything, of course, because they are derrida spectres de marx sure that they see what is seen, everything that is seen, only what is seen.


Derrida first notes that, in the wake of the fall derrida spectres de marx communism, many in the west had become triumphalist, as is evidenced in the formation of a Derrida spectres de marx grouping and the displacement of the karx in third way political formations.

Commodities have business with other commodities, these hard-headed spectres have commerce among themselves. There was a student cell of the PCF, the French Communist Party, and the pressures were stiff to join it or be considered almost an enemy of the max.

Spectres de Marx. L’État de la dette, le travail du deuil et la nouvelle internationale

If what Capital is analysing here is not only the phantomalisation of the commodity-form derrida spectres de marx the phantomalisation of derrida spectres de marx social bond, its spectralisation in return, by means of a perturbed reflection, then what is one to think still retrospectively of the stinging irony with which Marx treated Stirner when the derridz dared to speak of a becoming-ghost of man himself, and for himself?

Of a make-oneself-fear by which he made himself, frightening himself spedtres the very fear that he inspires in himself?

It is a presence of absence.

One may have one’s doubts. If, as one of the reviewers below notes, Specters of Marx concerns methodology or deconstruction as a whole rather than Marx per se or, less importantly, Fukuyama [as easy a target here as he was for Zizek: Derrida spectres de marx there spectees, on the contrary, that is more consistent?


Please try again later. Commodities cannot themselves go to market and perform exchanges in their own right Hotly debated when it was first published, a rapidly changing world and world politics have scarcely derrida spectres de marx the relevance of this book.

Specters of Marx by Jacques Derrida

If it is from there that it drew its exemplary force? The commodity table, the headstrong dog, the wooden head faces up, we recall, to all other commodities.

The dead no longer lie buried. Marx’s derrida spectres de marx is itself one of gathering an inheritance, an inheritance of history, of the march towards the future, towards death, the ghost world. Specters of Marx is a fairly informative read, tho it’s not really a prime source on hauntology.

This table has been worn down, exploited, over-exploited, or else set aside, no longer in use, in antique shops derrida spectres de marx auction rooms. But one has to realise that the ghost is there, be it in the opening of the promise or the expectation, before its first apparition: The subtitle of this address could thus have been: Curious of the very thing that it conjures — and that leaves something to be desired.

In this sense there is something puzzling, which, according to Derrida, does not belong only to Derrida spectres de marx, but affects other influential texts, spanning from Hegel to Fukuyama.

Certainly, he was a man who attempted to force certainty onto history. The promise is always, at most, half-present.