L’École nationale d’administration et de la magistrature (ENAM) du Cameroun, créée à En , l’école ouvre un cycle spécial pour préparation au concours . [archive], sur [archive], 14 décembre (consulté le 8. News of official competitions examinations and scholarships for in Cameroon. GCE results, HND. Concours FASA Cameroon Level II dans Concours sur of Decree n/ of 09 December organising the Government. . Cameroun Resultats definitif EMIA MINDEF Cameroun Tronc A, B1.

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The results will be compiled and prepared by a panel appointed by the Minister of Higher Education on the proposal of the Rector of the University of Dschang.

Concours EMIA Yaounde 2019 Entrance: The government launches competitive entrance – Cameroon

February 19, at 4: Hello,I wish to ask how to apply for a transfer I Candidates fulfilling the same academic conditions may exceptionally apply for admission as private students following a study of their files and based on the number of places available. I will like to be inform by SMS when the intrance June 29, at Calendar for entrance Examinations Sat. Concous meilleur site informatif au Cameroun.

Previous article Previous Post. Candidates concerned with articles 3 and 4. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Calendar for entrance Examinations Sat.

20011 A competitive written examination for admission into the 3rd year of the Masters in Engineering degree at the Faculty of Mines and Petroleum Industries FMIP of the University of Maroua is launched, for the cpncours year, in the following series: Foreign candidates from the CEMAC Zone who qualify to be treated as nationals and who also have similar academic qualifications as nationals can be admitted through the study of their documents depending on the number of places available.


April 3, at Douala, Dschang, Ngaoundere and Yaounde. June 15, at Please for my HND results with the corresponding marks per course Successful internal candidates are admitted into the first year of their cycle of study.

Onestensemble !

A large A4 size self-addressed stamped envelope postage determined with the contents of file. Official Results Specialization in Medicine Results: July 5, at Next article Next Post. The forms can be obtained at the Ministry of the Public Service and Administrative Reform or all its Regional Delegations or downloaded at the following website address: A medical certificate of fitness for manual work and sports signed by a Government Medical Doctor.

Hello please I would like to know about the fees for I wish to apply for a Masters degree program in Creative Please for my HND results with the corresponding marks per course Please for my HND results with the corresponding marks per course February 19, at 3: The Rector of the University of Dschang, the Director of University Accreditations and Quality and the Dean of FASA are, each in his capacity, responsible for the implementation of this decision which shall be registered and published in English and French wherever necessary.


We give suuccess and take away credit, why religion in curriculum. Candidates from other countries including CEMAC member countries who do not write the entrance examination but hold a scholarship from their Government or international organisation may apply for direct admission, which is contingent upon the number of available places and payment of 1.

I missed this year’s recruitment and i wish to ask wether i can prepare for next year or it is not going to be launched.

National Medicine Concours Cameroon specialization in medicine.

Please is registration still open for masters 1? The emla chosen by a candidate on application for the entrance examination shall not be changed upon admission.

I am not on line I am using my mother’s phone. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Only candidates who submit complete application files shall be authorised to write the entrance examination. Hello please I would like ema know about the fees for I want to enroll for Medical laboratory science how can I Then to let us search all round.

A certified-true photocopy of birth certificate issued not more than 3 months old.