20 Dec Rules for the popular Italian card game Burraco, a Canasta-like partnership game for four players. Buraco is a Rummy-type card game in the Canasta family for four players in fixed partnerships . If a run has 7 clean cards in a row plus a deuce, it is worth points, but this rule is valid only for one of the eight Italian “Burraco Federations”. Burraco – regole, psicologia e strategie. likes ยท 4 talking about this. Burraco – regole, psicologia e strategie.

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Meanwhile the player who cut deals cards from the bottom of the section of the pack that he lifted, to form two face-down piles called pozzetti. For this purpose the cards rank from high to low: There are less interesting versions bufraco 2 to 5 players, playing as individuals.

If the Game ends before any cards are played from a new Hand picked-up tegole the Pot, then the player with that new Hand will either:. A player whose team has not yet taken a pozzetto draws, melds all the cards in his or her hand, picks up a pozzetto and continues playing. This delay in looking at the pozzetto is to avoid any temptation for the player to influence partner’s play on the basis of the cards in the pozzetto. Note that in this game there is no point in melding cards before the partnerships are determined, until you are able to put down your whole hand and take the first pozzetto a possible exception is if you have a complete burraco in your hand.

Having dealt the four hands, the dealer places burracl next 45th card face-up in the middle of the table and stacks the remaining cards next to it on top of the stack placed there by the cutter, thereby completing burgaco cut. Note that it is not legal to go out by melding all one’s cards. Pages using deprecated image syntax Year of introduction missing. Retrieved from ” https: Deal The first dealer is chosen by drawing cards from the shuffled pack: If there is only one card in the ergole pile, it is illegal to regolee up that one card and discard the same card.

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When the player does not wish to meld any more cards, a card is discarded to end the turn as usual. Examples of valid sequences: The cards have point values: Players and Cards The usual game is four players in fixed partnerships: A player may only meld during their turn.

Buraco is a variation of Canasta which allows both standard melds groups of cards of the same value as well as sequences cards in numerical order in the same suit.

Buraco – Wikipedia

The first team to accumulate three-thousand or more points wins the Match. It is not legal for one team to have more than one set of the same rank. For example a player who also held the 10 would like partner to add the 8 or 9 and definitely not the 4, but is not allowed to indicate this. The play and scoring are exactly as in the four-player game, but since you have no partner there is no advantage in putting down nurraco unless you are able to take burrxco pozzetto or fear that your opponent will go out before your next turn.

In fact, discarding wild cards may be the butraco way to dispose of them if one bureaco too many, since not more than one wild card can be used in each set or sequence. Examples of valid sets: In the case of two identical cards being chosen, two new cards must be cut. Antonin Jaun’s German language site canasta. When a sequence is melded with a wild card at the end, it must always be placed at the lower end – for example 2- 6- 7 and not 6- 7- 2.

A player burrwco team has not yet taken a pozzetto draws, melds all but one of his or her cards and discards the final card. The remaining thirty-eight cards, placed face-down in the center of the table, make the Stock. Views Read Edit View history. Shuffling Cutting Glossary of card game terms.

Some play that a burraco of 8 or more cards that contains a sequence of 7 consecutive natural cards and rego,e wild card or consists of at least 7 equal cards with a wild card, is “semi-clean” semipulito and is worth points. The sequence can then be further extended by adding the 6, 7, J or Q. The Play The player to dealer’s left begins. A player goes out: There are separate pages about similar games played in South America: Also, if the discard pile has just one card, say the 5, and a player holds the other 5 in hand, it is legal to pick up the 5 from the pile and discard the other 5 – it is not the same card, even though it looks the same!


The first dealer is chosen by drawing cards from the shuffled regkle However, when a pile of more than one card is picked up, it is retole to discard any of those cards, even the one that was on top of the pile. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. There are only two cards left in the draw pile.

The cutter then places these piles one on top of the other in a cross formation towards one corner of the table, and puts the remaining cards of this part of the pack face down in the middle of the table. Having no cards in hand, the player takes a pozzetto and keeps it face down, while the opponent to the left and the player’s partner take their turns.

Rules of Card Games: Burraco

Scoring Budraco the play ends, both teams score as follows, and add their scores to their cumulative totals. The turn to deal passes to the left after each hand. The player who has melded all their cards takes a Hand from the Pot and if the player:. The player to dealer’s left begins.

Play always proceeds clockwise. When taking the discard pile, the entire pile must be added to the player’s hand: If your team has melded 3- 4- 2- 6 and you hold A and a joker, you might like to substitute the nurraco for the 2, move the 2 to its natural position and add your A. If the Q is added, it becomes 8- 9- joker- Q; in the other cases the joker would remain at the lower end of the sequence.