11 févr. TAFSSÎROUL QOURE ÂNE de Cheikhoul Islam Ibrahima NIASS (RA), un des plus grands savants musulmans comme l’a affirmé le Cheikh. Serigne Baba Lamine Niass: “Ce que disait Cheikh Ibrahima Niass sur Serigne Fallou “. Par. DIOP Mamadou. -. 5 mai

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Ibrahim Niass – Wikipedia

Fadjhal fouhaadi kasahrii walaa toudirhou kabaanii 7. Ithakhoul habda mounaahou ithaafoukoum khad kafaanii Views Read Edit View history.

Sheikh Ibrahim then declared that whoever wishes to attain ma’arifa, a level of Divine Certainty in the Sufi Order, must follow him. Alhaji Abdulmalik Atta – a prince from Okene and the first High Commissioner of Nigeria to the United Kingdom – was one of shaykh Ibrahim’s closest disciples as well as the shaykh’s father-in-law through his daughter Sayyida Bilkisu.

Please help improve this article if you can. Aadjir khadimaka khad ame moukoumou Chaykhi Tidiani He used to also say that that ‘I’ve two teachers: Mouslou lene yimalene tr kone danguene fardy naaw boulene tayal boulene diouyoo gayi tidiani.

Ibrahim Niass

His works has affected the Islamic hemisphere as well as politics, independence, seeking of knowledge, tasawwuf, morals, poetry, travelogue, etc. In an account of the life of Shaykh Ibrahim, one of his prominent students, the Grand Mufti of Nigeria, [8] Sheikh Sherif Ibrahim Salleh Al-Husseini [9] said that before the Sheikh Died, he asked his last wife, Sayyida Bilkiss to try and get Married because he is not a prophet, for it is only Prophets whose wives are not allowed to marry after their death.

In the end, he had far disciples outside of Senegal than within it. Shaykh Ibrahim spent his life in Islamic teachings, preaching, propagating and writing as well as divine knowledge. Shaykh Ibrahim’s fame quickly spread throughout the countryside, and most of his father’s disciples ultimately became his disciples in spite of his junior status in the family.


Ibrahim Baye Niass

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Hasbii bihii wabitahaa Hasbiibi Chaykhi Tidiani 2. His book isiirul saada. Rabbi fadarik houbaydane sourhatane dauna tawanii 5. Wadiaahi Chaykhi wa aslii walidii haaliil makaanii Nilaanahau hama dounyaa wa zaati moune tadihanii No cleanup reason has been specified.

biographie de baye niass pdf – nouroufaydatou

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Al haadji Habdoul Ilaahii bahdiatii niaes lawaanii Meanwhile, at the age of twenty-one, Shaykh Ibrahim Niass had written his first ever book titled “Ruhul adab”, literally meaning ‘Spirit of Good Morals’. Liifam ga ndieukh ahadoun la they lii biogfaphie na waar moy sounou khibla moo gnou nandal lerou tidianii.

Hasbii bibarine rahaufine Hasbii bihii wa kafanii 3. Boulene di ngianieu saa waay boulene di yedda saa waay si caasi shawkhou la naan min bahri tidiaanii.

This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia’s quality standards. Waa faas ngay took di senetou aynoumaan nakanoonou barhaam dieul faydou di ko diokh ahlou sodaane.

Yaw yalla gnoo nguilay niaan thi bark baahou barham nga maygnou mbaakh gougnouy heme baniou dgne di nietaan Nioune niou tallal di niaane thi barkp AAhou barhaam idaayatan wakhinan ngouy sakhan di kontan.

Aamiina Aamiine yene gaanii wakhlene n aamiin yalna yalla diokh lou niou doy thi bark aamiin. Santa naa barhaam tey santa momar faty diop mimay yaral di ma toudal gayii tidiaani. The book was welcomed by most people due to his clear and appropriate use of niaws Arabic and the maturity in content. Thi liifou barhaama lan sakoon ngatabi niook baay yaw yalla niooy guen dji khete thi baakhou tidiaani Dioulil thi yonnth diouly goo khamn dey wey di wey dioulk azal moo niou amaloone gaayi tidiannii.


June Learn how and when to remove this template message. Kwame Nkrumah who became fond of him and always sought advice from the Sheikh. The Sheikh became friends with Inass first President, Dr. Aham ga aadii la momo lay dioubale bepep diam liif ga allahoula moy liiy diasbou tidianii. Aadjir houbaydaka Barhaama fahwa fil houbbi faani Thomas Hospital at This page was last edited on 8 Decemberat Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

December Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Bakk lene barhama yaw Baba thiaam bakkal ma bay moo ngou diasbou moo kowel si haalou herfaanii. Matlabii roukhyaa makhamii sourhatane biograpihe za zamaanii Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Sakhsi diangue ack diolly tay wirdoo bouldi faatal dara arafou diouly ak diangue nioo yam gaayi tidiani.

Wal tachfi lii koulla chakwa wal takhdi haaza lamaanii 8. Boul sank say heure saa waadi kond danga niil diobloulene bour bou dohout oubou yene gaayi tidiaani. The Sheikh’s death stroke many people. It is evident that after the demise of Alhaji Abdullahi Nlass, the sheikh gained access to his father’s library and mastered several books at that young stage.

Mine bahdi koulli sihaabine bahda Aaline soumma aanii. Unsourced material may be challenged and biogrqphie. Baaham ga barroun la momlay baakhal bpep diam raaham ga ramanoula moy li dial tidiani.