Thus asma al husna means the beautiful names of Allah Subhanah. Etc. If some brother needs the whole list of Allahs asma husna with their meanings. The phrase Asma ul Husna, made up of the word asma, the plural for “name”, and husna, meaning beautiful or most beautiful, means “Allah’s most beautiful. Al-Asma al-Husna: Collection of the most beautiful names of Allah (SWT) or 99 names of Allah (SWT) used in Islam with their meanings in English.

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He Who knows the outward aspects of events and Who is present everywhere and observes all things He is superior in information, judgment, will and all other perfection asma ul husna with meaning. The One who delivers absolute justice. Then, He calls them to account. The One who acts in accord with the needs of every situation.

The One who is concealed within all of creation. The One who transcends all needs. Anyone who has no control over his Nafs should place his hand on his bosom and continue saying this Ism before he falls asleep. Wtih One whose asma ul husna with meaning is wisdom, justice, right, rightness.

The One who directly and ever-presently observes everything in creation.

The One who kindly guides aright. The Last, The One whose Existence is without an end.

The One whose supreme power determines and delivers the suitable measure of all things. The One asma ul husna with meaning is exalted, praised and glorified by the very existence of creation. The One who puts off advancement. Anyone involved in misery, poverty, sickness, loneliness or any adversity at all should make wudhu in the proper manner and offer 2 rakaat salaah and then bearing in mind the objective like deliverance from adversity say this Ism times, Allah will surely grant him deliverance – InshaAllah.


Importance and Meaning of Allah’s Names (Asma-ul-Husna) | Australian Muslims

The One who infuses the soul into body. The One whose endless, loving mercy is perfect and inclusive. The Knowledgeable; The One nothing is absent from His knowledge. The One who is most precious, revered and honored. All of the superiority that indicates greatness belongs to Allah. Asma ul husna with meaning One who perceives and possesses everything.

Al-Asma Al-Husna (The most Beautiful Names) | Questions on Islam

Allah asma ul husna with meaning life out of nothing, or, He can revive the dead. Anyone, who at bedtime, places his hand on his bosom and says this Ism time, his heart will become alive with knowledge and wisdom – InshaAllah. The One who is greater than all of creation.

The One whose manner is lenient and mild.

99 Names of Allah [ASMAUL HUSNA]

Death is certain for living beings. That is, He created him. He Who hears the wishes of those who appeals to Him and grants them their wishes When Allah makes a promise, He keeps it; when He gives, He gives abundantly; He forgives when He has the authority to punish.

If anyone who is dismissed asma ul husna with meaning his post, pasts for seven days and each day repeats this Ism 1, times, he will be re-instated to his post and moreover graced with honour and dignity – InshaAllah. One who recites it times daily with constancy, will soon become dear asma ul husna with meaning favorite to Allah – InshaAllah. The One who has perfect knowledge and understanding of the true reality of all things.


The One who is kind, gracious and serene in all situations. He will do whatever He does to those who insist on committing sins. He who enumerates them would get into Paradise.

But Surah Muzammil should also be recited with it. The One who is the glorious and majestic lord asma ul husna with meaning all generosity and bounty.

Anyone who reads the Salawaat durood 11 times before or after saying this Ism 1, times, he will be granted both material as well as spiritual wealth – InshaAllah.

What does Asma al Husna mean?

Fatty Sacks – Al Nafi The creator of good He removes the wealth, property, children, family, pleasure and tranquility He has given from any of His servants He wishes. The Asma ul husna with meaning who is high, above all creation and utterly irresistible.

The One who perfectly and righteously directs all matters toward their proper conclusion. No matter how big or how much is the fault of a slave, His forgiveness covers them all; He will not humiliate his honor. The One who brings everything from non-existence to existence. But for Asma ul husna with meaning, there would be no life.