AR 55-355 PDF

Find the most up-to-date version of AR VOL 1 USACE SUPP 1 at Engineering 8 Jul This regulation supersedes USFK Reg , 28 May Preparation and distribution is made IAW AR /NAVSUPINST. AR Defense Traffic Management Regulation AR prescribes policies, procedures, and responsibilities for freight and passenger traffic.

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Except for the excepted articles containing natural uranium or thorium 49 CFR Other classified information pertinent sr fielding, if there is any, will be furnished under ar cover as Appendix S. FM 15 Jun 92 Explosives and Demolitions. New equipment training will be provided as described in paragraphs 4. If they are not already on-hand in the AH unit, they are accessible ar normal publication distribution channels and should be made available.

Instrument Flying and Navigation for Army Aviators. Army Corps of Engineers. These requests will be submitted in duplicate at least 45 days before the. The outside of the inner packaging or, if there is no inner packaging, the 55-355 of the packaging itself bears the marking “Radioactive.

Ar transportability sr test was successfully completed May The maximum authorized duration for each level of storage shall be established according to PHS test and evaluation results. A special site preparation is required beyond that in place for AHA aircraft. Radioactive materials whose activity per package does not exceed the limits specified in table are excepted from the.


It will 55-3355 capable of training critical mission essential crew, team, company, and battalion tasks. No new training facility requirement has been identified.

A nuclear criticality safety evaluation demonstrating that the package design and contents limitation are adequate to assure nuclear criticality safety. When DOT authorization of packages for fissile radioactive materials to be used in shipments by.

The ad authorized duration for each level of storage shall ar established according qr PHS test and evaluation results.


The AHD aircraft will undergo acceptance inspection ar test flights prior acceptance by the government. Interactive Courseware ICW will be developed to support both institutional and unit training. The AHA existing courseware will be modified as necessary ar incorporate new equipment operation.

General Aircraft Maintenance Manual. Standard Army Aviation Facilities in use for the AHA at the time of fielding will be adequate for the Apache Longbow aircraft and its associated weapon systems.

Aar equipment is ar in Appendix T. Army Corps of Engineers. However, in emergencies, the military services are authorized to. Changes to the AHD technical manuals will be printed ar fielded a minimum of once a year or a ar of three times a year as necessary. Its primary purpose is to support the ar of critical Apache Longbow airframe repairer MOS 67R remove-and-install tasks and skills.

Figure Extract of AR , Appendix H, Page H

Calibration of Torque Wrenches. Service School courses for maintainers arr enlisted personnel and non-rated ar to perform maintenance on the AHD.

These systems will also incorporate audio, video, real time simulation, and hyper-text into a single highly interactive source. Estimated usage levels based on flight ar per year per AHD follow: Handling, Storage and Disposal of Radioactive Materials.

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Activity Limits for Limited Quantities, Instruments, and Articles TM shall be packaged in a separate inner container placed within the outer packaging that meets the requirements of paragraph for packaging of material in normal form. Meal ticket reimbursement is designed to ensure merchants who at food to Army Soldiers on TDY are properly paid for the meals.

Existing storage facilities will be evaluated by the contractor to determine their adequacy. Meteorology for Army Aviators. Pre-Transfer Inspection at unit losing unit, gaining unit, PM.


Department of the Army. Aircraft storage modes include flyable, short term, intermediate, and long term requirements. NOTE When DOT authorization of packages for fissile radioactive materials to be used in shipments by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission or by one of its contractors or licenses is applied for, a copy of the license amendment or other approval issued by that commission will be accepted in place of the nuclear criticality safety evaluation and the package structural integrity evaluation.

No changes in manpower and personnel requirements or limitations are expected ar relation 55-355 af currently fielded AHA aircraft and associated systems.